Starting A Family? Hire An Interior Designer To Make Your Home More Suitable

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After you buy a home and move in, you may want to settle in before starting a family. However, some existing furniture, decorations, and features might not be well-suited for a family with children and pets. An easy and reliable solution is to hire an interior designer who can work on these important aspects to make your home more family-friendly.


While you may like having decorations throughout the house, you want most of them to be out of reach of your future children and pets. A smart plan is to move all your wall decorations a few inches or feet higher and move some items to taller furniture pieces. Coffee tables, side tables, and nightstands are often short enough for small dogs and toddlers to reach.

This makes it essential to only display decorations on these furniture pieces that are safe for children. You can remove decorations that are sharp, heavy, or small enough to swallow.

An interior designer's knowledge and experience will allow them to analyze all your decorations to determine what changes must be made to maximize family safety.


Changing decorations is often easy to do, but changing or replacing furniture is a little more challenging. You want to put just as much effort into preparing the furniture as the decorations because every room and furniture piece should be safe for children and pets.

An important detail that is worth analyzing with all your furniture is the corners. You can either find and use the furniture without sharp corners or invest in corner guards for any sharp edges.

Children and pets will increase the wear and tear of furniture in your home. Switching to durable fabric and materials is a great way to save time on upkeep and maximize lifespan. A microfiber couch is a great example because of its impressive durability and ease of cleaning.


While an interior designer will not remodel your home, you can use their services to change existing features. For instance, you can get interior painting to switch to a glossier finish that is easier to clean after your children or pets make a mess. A professional can also replace the hardware on cabinets and drawers to get rid of designs that could cause harm to anyone.

Adding locks to all cabinets and drawers is another excellent strategy to prevent your kids from accessing the contents inside.

Hire an interior designer to prepare your home for starting a family. Contact an interior design company to learn more.