Three Training Table Traits

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A well-equipped office space often has a number of different tables, including a conference room table, lunch room table, and even small tables in the reception area. Another type of table that you might wish to add to your office is a training table. These tables are available at office furniture stores and come in several different styles. There are lots of ways to use a training table, but most offices rely on them for temporary table space during meetings and other events. Here are some common traits that you'll see in training tables.

Simple Design

While some office furniture suppliers have deluxe training tables, most of these tables tend to have a simple design. You don't need this piece of furniture to have a lot of bells and whistles — you simply need it to provide a sturdy horizontal surface at which people can work for short periods of time. For example, most training tables don't have drawers beneath them. This makes this type of table feel more spacious, allowing multiple people to gather around it and place their legs and feet beneath it for collaborative projects.


A lot of training tables are foldable. While the exact manner in which you fold this type of table can vary between products, you'll typically release a latch that allows you to swing the table's surface from a horizontal position to a vertical position. This is a handy feature because if you buy several training tables, they'll take up minimal space when they're not in use. For example, you can fold the table tops vertically, and then push several of the tables against one another in the corner of a room or even in a storage closet.


Lots of training tables have wheels; while those that don't have wheels might cost a little less to buy, this is a feature that is worth paying for. Wheels make it considerably easier to move your training tables around. There's a good chance that you'll use this piece of furniture in several different ways, which likely means that you'll also be using it in multiple locations around your place of work. Without wheels, you'd need two employees to carry each table — which could be difficult and potentially even lead to an injury. If you're interested in buying one or more training tables to use in your office, browse the available products at an office furniture supplier.

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