5 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Cozier But Not Cluttered

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While the kitchen is primarily a practical space where the family's needs are cared for, it's also become a key place to gather, enjoy time together, and even relax. This means that the cold, industrial kitchens that used to be trendy have been replaced with cozy, warm kitchens instead. How can you make yours more cozy and welcoming — without making it cluttered or impractical? Here are a few easy tips to do just that. 

1. Add Displays Above

Small displays of cozy items make the kitchen feel more homey. But avoid the temptation to place displays on the counters themselves. These seem like a good idea, but they take up valuable counter work space, can get broken, and create a high-maintenance area. Instead, use shelves, open cabinets, and other tricks to display groupings around the work area. 

2. Create Seating

Is there a spot to take a load off your feet in the kitchen? A landing point is one of the best ways to make a kitchen inviting and softer. It could be anything from a breakfast nook to comfortable seating at the island to a pillow-filled bench at the end of the counter. Add soft features to the seating spot to make it welcoming. 

3. Warm Up the Colors

With previous trends, many homeowners gravitated toward a more stark kitchen color palette, opting for bright white, black and white, or deep shades. Try trading these out for a little more warmth. Consider earthy greens, soft pastels, or even a darker neutral shade. If you want that lighter overall look, focus on warming up the shades of the base cabinets alone. 

4. Hang Artwork

A little bit of personalized artwork can make any room feel more in tune with your family and home life. When it comes to kitchen artwork, don't feel limited to so-called kitchen themes. These are things like fruit, herbs, cooking, plants, and restaurant themes. Instead, choose artwork that speaks to your interests and personality beyond the kitchen. You might even bring in some durable or inexpensive items from elsewhere in the house. 

5. Include Textiles

Your kitchen should be easy to clean and filled with hardy materials. But don't underestimate the value of placing a few well-chosen fabrics and other organic materials. A soft or playful rug, pillows on seating, textile-based artwork, wood, or greenery all bring warmth to the room. Even a little touch of these offsets an otherwise-practical kitchen. 

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