Inexpensive And Simple Ways To Add Flair To Window Draperies

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Do you want to add some pizazz to your living room but don't have a lot of spare cash to purchase upgrades? Window draperies are often overlooked and purely appreciated for their privacy factor. If the draperies covering your living room's bay and vinyl windows are a solid color and aren't doing much to beautify the room, there are a couple inexpensive and simple ways to add some flair to the fabric coverings.

Add An Elaborate Design

Designer draperies often boast intricate details that may remind one of an artist's creation. Unfortunately, name-brand draperies like this can cost a bundle. You can mimic the style of designer draperies merely by adding painted designs to each fabric panel. Before upgrading your curtains, take your time to choose a design that will be pleasant to look at and that won't overpower any of the items that are in the living room.

Ocean-like waves, a floral tapestry, or even a squiggly pattern are some choices that will transform the drab drapes into masterpieces. Purchase a stencil kit that contains the pattern desired and remember to secure the stencil to each fabric panel before applying paint.

If you plan on adding the same design across each fabric piece, a ruler or tape measure should be used so that you can straighten and center the stencils throughout the duration of the project. For a bold and daring look, use metallic-colored or sparkle paint to fill in each stencil.

Add Strips Of Fabric

Raw fabric edges often fray and even edges that have been hemmed may become worn after extensive laundering and drying sessions, resulting in drapes that look like they came from a local thrift shop instead of a window covering store. Fortunately, strips of fabric can hide unsightly imperfections and add a punch of color that will contrast beautifully with each fabric panel.

Look at the drapes and the fabric-covered furnishings in the living room and try to think of a neutral or bold color that will look nice next to the color of the drapes. After purchasing some fabric, decide how wide you want each strip to be.

A thin strip will add subtle elegance to each drapery, and a wider strip will practically be begging for attention and will captivate those who view the draperies. Fabric pins can be used to temporarily hold fabric strips in place. Use a sewing machine to secure the strips permanently to the edge of each drapery panel.

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