3 Tips For Properly Storing And Displaying Your Fine Wine Glasses In A Cabinet

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If you have recently purchased new wine glasses, you may decide that you wish to put them on display in your cabinet. However, you may be uncertain as to how to store them so as not to damage the fine glass. If so, use the following tips for properly storing and displaying your fine wine glasses in your cabinet to keep them from damage.

Lay a Linen Cloth on the Shelf

Before you start placing your glasses inside your cabinet, lay a thin linen cloth on the shelf. Doing so will help protect your wine glasses in two ways.

First, the linen serves as a barrier between the shelf and the glasses. Without this barrier, the wood on the shelf may make tiny scratches on the bottom of the wine glasses, dulling their glowing finish.

Second, the linen also provides friction between the glasses and the shelf. Without it, the wine glasses could easily slide and break.

Keep Space Between Them 

Once you have laid down your linen cloth, look carefully at the space on the shelf to make sure you can easily fit the glasses without having them touch. You want to keep about an inch of space between them.

If you place the glasses too close together, you run the risk of having them bang into each other when you open the cabinet or decide to take a couple of them out. Because the glass is delicate, even a small bump could crack it.

If you do not think you have enough space in one compartment of your cabinet for all of your glasses, select a different space. Or, divide the glasses so they fill two different display sections.

Place Them Right Side Up

When placing your glasses in your cabinet, you may be tempted to place them on their mouths, thinking that this will keep them from getting dirty. However, positioning them this way could damage them.

If the wine glasses are positioned with their mouths down, the thinnest parts of the glasses are holding the weight. This could lead to chips or cracks in the glasses.Instead, place them upright on their stems to shift the weight to the thickest parts of the glasses.

Storing your wine glasses properly will help keep them from damage while they are on display until you wish to use them. For more information on taking care of your fine wine glasses, speak with the representative of the company from which you purchased your Simon Pearce glassware.