7 Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends To Follow

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There are so many possible kitchen cabinet designs that it can be tough to find the right approach for your home. However, folks designing kitchen cabinets often look to emerging trends to get some ideas. You will want to look closely at these 7 trends before moving forward with your plans.

Exposed Wood

While people often prefer to paint wooden cabinets, you can create an amazing look for a kitchen by letting the wood's textures and warmth have starring roles. Stained cabinets can add a natural element to a kitchen. They tend to be earthy, and light-colored woods can brighten any cooking space.

Matte Finishes

Whether you're going to paint or stain the cabinets, a matte finish can provide a different vibe. The lack of gloss on the surface avoids reflections, making the approach excellent for rooms that get lots of sunlight. Similarly, a matte finish can look simple and classy.

Bold Colors

Many people want to make statements with their kitchen cabinet designs. Opting for a bright color like yellow or orange can wow anyone who visits. If you want to avoid large blocks of bold colors, you can still use them as accent features. For example, you might paint the doors a bold color and keep the rest of the cabinet white. This will also create a strong visual contrast.

Attached Shelves

Everybody wants to have more storage, especially if they're already installing kitchen cabinets. You can install cabinets with attached shelves. An open design with no sides can look sharp and simple. You also can paint the shelves a contrasting or accent color to add some interest.


It helps to be able to see what's inside a set of kitchen cabinets. Fortunately, you can install lights. The next time you're looking for a particular dish, you'll be able to shed some light on the situation.


Flat cabinet faces without handles can produce a radically clean and elegant look for a kitchen. Advances in spring-activation technologies allow you to tap cabinets to make them open. Not only does this rid the kitchen of pesky handles, but it makes the process of opening a cabinet more fun.


Appliances already spend a lot of time hanging out with kitchen cabinets. Why not put the two together? You can build a space in the cabinet for the microwave, for example. Similarly, you can use cabinet faces to hide some appliances that are less appealing.