A Picture Really Is Worth A Thousand Words: Using Photographs To Make A Powerful Statement In Home Decorating

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Do you wish your home could be more of a reflection of you and what is important to you? Using photographs throughout your home is the easiest way to make a powerful statement about the things in your life that matter the most.

If you're like most people, you probably take plenty of pictures on your cell phone or camera. You may even share your pictures on social media, because you want others to see how proud you are of your family.

However, sharing the photos with others is typically where it ends. Eventually, the photos you've shared on social media get buried under other posts and may rarely be seen again.

Getting those precious family photos out of your electronic device and onto the walls of your home is the perfect way to keep memories alive. Not only will you enjoy them every day, but those who visit your home will see what is most important to you.

Choosing and printing pictures

Select only high-quality photos. While photo editing can remove some things like red eye and enhance photos with poor lighting, editing software has its limits. Even the best printing service can't compensate for bad pictures.

When you're ready to print your photos, choose to have them printed professionally for the best quality. Professional printing is an investment that will pay off when it comes time to display your photos throughout your home.

Get your photos printed in several different sizes. Using various sizes will make for a stunning wall display. Some good choices include 5 x7, 8 x 10, 9 x 12, and 11 x 14.

Fabulous frames

Once you have your high-quality photos printed and ready to frame, don't take away from the appearance of your photos by purchasing poorly-made frames in order to save a little money.

Visit a retailer who sells picture frames and also offers professional picture framing services like Washington Framers' Workroom. A professionally-framed picture will accent your home well, whether it is displayed on a table or used in a wall arrangement.

You should look for frames in materials and colors that will compliment your home décor best. Avoid choosing frames in just one shape. Select a few with oval-shaped mats to provide a nice contrast with square and rectangle frames.

Likewise, choose a variety of colors. Using black and white frames together will blend well with a contemporary decorating style. Wooden frames in varying shades of light and dark will look nice with a traditional style.

Once you have your beautiful photos printed and framed, you can proudly display them throughout your home. Instead of being buried somewhere in cyberspace, your treasured photos will be a beautiful addition to your living space every day.